Useful Links

Site we recommend visiting for information on Companion Animals in New Zealand:

New Zealand Companion Animal Register
New Zealnd's leading microchipped companion animal database.

New Zealand Companion Animal Council
Leading Companion Animal organisation, giving a voice and forum to many smaller organisations and individuals.

Scanner Angel
Home of the Scanner Angel and Halo Scanners

Pets on the Net
New Zealand's leading lost and found pet website. An invauable tool and a great asset for chipped and especially non-chipped pets.


New Zealand Veterinary Association

Auckland SPCA

Halo Scanners

You can find out more about the techincal specifications of the Halo. This fully featured scanner is an excellent all purpose scanner with great readability.

Scanner Angel software

Used around the world Scanner Angel has beome an international provider of software and hardware specialising in the repatriation of lost pets.

Other Uses for Halo Scanners

The affordable Halo scanner can also be used for more than companion animals. It can also read NAIT approved FDX cattle and stock tags, as well as ISO compatible RFID user ID cards.