What is Scanner Angel?


Scanner Angel is an international lost and found network that uses both software and hardware to locate missing microchipped pets.

Working in conjunction with lost pet databases in over 15 countries the software stores the microchip number of missing pets. Scanner Angel does not hold any animal descriptions or confidential contact details as this is stored within the lost pet databases it partners with.

The Halo scanner is a standard microchip scanner that can read all ISO compliant FDX microchips. However it also has smart technology that allows it to display a missing notices message when the microchip of a missing pet is scanned.

The scanner stores these missing chip numbers and it automatically updates this list each time the scanner is plugged into a USB port to recharge.

This new system has been developed and built in Europe by the Pet Accessory Workshop In New Zealand it will be working exclusively with the NZCAR. To read more about implementing Scanner Angel in New Zealand, click here.

Using Scanner Angel to get pets home

If you register your pet missing with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register, when your pet goes you can notifiy the NZCAR by multiple methods.

  • You can simply flag the record as missing online using your owner access,
  • You can report it directly to the to the NZCAR by calling 0800 LOSTPET (567873); or
  • You can reporti it to one of the 700+ NZCAR agents

As soon as the microchip number of your missing pet is flagged it is sent through to the Scanner Angel system. This system then updates each Scanner Angel enabled microchip scanner the next time they are plugged in to recharge.

Once updated, when a vet or user of the scanner scans your pet, it will show on the display "Reported missing by NZCAR" and advise them to check the register for your name and contact details. They will contact you to arrange reuniting you with your pet.

Once you are reunited with your pet, you should still contact the NZCAR to advise them that your pet is home safely so that they can confirm the notificationthe microchip number will then be removed from the system and the scanners.

Halo Scanners

You can find out more about the techincal specifications of the Halo. This fully featured scanner is an excellent all purpose scanner with great readability.

Scanner Angel software

Used around the world Scanner Angel has beome an international provider of software and hardware specialising in the repatriation of lost pets.

Other Uses for Halo Scanners

The affordable Halo scanner can also be used for more than companion animals. It can also read NAIT approved FDX cattle and stock tags, as well as ISO compatible RFID user ID cards.