Using the Halo Scanner


The Halo scanner will read all FDX-B (15 digit) microchips and FDX-A (10 digit) microchips for animal identification in compliance with ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 norms, is Scanner Angel® compatible and comes complete with a USB lead for charging the scanner’s internal rechargeable battery and a CD for installing the relevant scanner drivers and Scanner Angel® Software. Please install the CD before plugging the scanner into a computer for charging.

Software installation

To view step by step instructions for installing the scanner angel software, click here


For ease of cleaning and hygiene, the start button is inside the device at the back. To press the start button and start the Halo scanner, simply push on the on/off symbol on the back panel and then release as shown above.

The display will show “Halo Scanner Scanning” and the scanner will emit a single beep. If no valid microchip is found within 20 seconds then the display will display “No Tag Found” and the scanner will again emit a single beep. To start scanning again just press the start button again.

The outer surface of the Halo scanner is the scanning area and when a valid microchip is found the scanner will emit a double beep and the microchip number will be shown on the display.

As the Halo is Scanner Angel® compatible, if the microchip scanned has been reported as missing to Scanner Angel® then the display will also show “Reported missing by” and will give the organisation’s name and phone number for you to call and report that you have scanned this animal.

If there is no activity, the scanner will automatically switch off after 40 seconds.


When you first receive the scanner, it will need to be charged for 3.5 hours. When the battery is becoming low, the message “Battery Low” will appear on the display. To recharge the battery, simply plug the USB lead into the back of the scanner and into an available USB port on the computer where the software was installed.

As long as the computer has internet access, the scanner will automatically download the latest reported missing animals into its memory and will display “Connected to PC” and then “Updating Do Not Unplug”. During this time do not remove the USB lead from either the computer or the Halo scanner. Once this update is complete the message “Charging” will appear on the display.

To see if the battery has finished charging, press the start button and the display will inform you if it is “Charging” or “Charged”. A full charge will take up to 3.5 hours.


There are a number of accessories available for the Halo scanner including an in car charger, and a wall plug-in charger for use where a computer’s USB port is not available. Please contact Pet Accessory Workshop (+44 1481 266056) for current availability and pricing of these accessories.

Technical Specifications

For full technical specification of the Halo scanner, click here.

Halo Scanners

You can find out more about the techincal specifications of the Halo. This fully featured scanner is an excellent all purpose scanner with great readability.

Scanner Angel software

Used around the world Scanner Angel has beome an international provider of software and hardware specialising in the repatriation of lost pets.

Other Uses for Halo Scanners

The affordable Halo scanner can also be used for more than companion animals. It can also read NAIT approved FDX cattle and stock tags, as well as ISO compatible RFID user ID cards.